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Health Care Professionals Social Media App

Health Care Professionals Social networking App

health-care-professionals-social-media-app 29 November. 2022

by : Nushift

4 myths that could be stopping you from leveraging HCP social media App

In an industry that is committed to medical innovation, the physician-only social platforms offer the healthcare organizations the best avenue to interact with and influence healthcare professionals. There are four myths that might prevent you from engaging with the HCP audience on social platforms that they already use and trust.

To know about these myths, you can go through the discussion below:

Myth 1: All the social media platforms will be able to target the ideal healthcare stakeholders

The most important power of Social Media lies in its ability to connect people across the world, quickly and easily. However, the consumer platforms drive different kinds of general conversations across all topics and sectors and not just healthcare.

Myth 2: HCPs mostly prefer general social platforms

The physicians, mostly use the social media platforms both personally and professionally. More than half of HCPs use social media for professional reasons. The ones who are in the emerging markets and LATAM are the most active for this purpose. The reasons HCPs use social media are because they want to stay up to date on medical news, connect with peers, and also share knowledge.

Myth 3: All social media platforms offer similar quality of engagements

The ad spending on social is expected to rise to as much as $225B by the year 2024 that accounts for 26.5% of the entire advertising cost. This will increase the engagement of the physician to the various social media platforms more than ever. The social landscape is however, ever-changing.

Myth 4: Social platforms are not safe or secured

It is quite well known to everyone that social media is a source of health misinformation. If you select a social platform it will built-in safeguards—that include the triple-verification, a strict code of conduct, as well as a dedicated content monitoring. This also ensures that the message is surrounded by trusted and contextually relevant medical content.

Data security is essential for the healthcare industry. The same is true for healthcare- related social media also. With as much as +20 years of healthcare innovation and tradition, a good company will guarantee both data and program security. You will therefore be 100% confident that you will get trusted insights and interactions from fully verified HCPs.

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