How is Nushift connect unifying the medical ecosystem

How Is Nushift Connect Unifying The Medical Ecosystem

How is Nushift connect integrating the medical ecosystem

how-is-nushift-connect 11 January 2023

by : Nushift

Competition makes us faster and collaboration makes us better

Healthcare Consumers today are increasingly relying on digital platforms to search, evaluate, analyse, scrutinise and finally choose the healthcare provider and services they want. The digital experience largely contributes to the patient experience journey as well. Therefore if the healthcare systems fails to seamlessly integrate with the wide range of software systems then the blind spots and inefficient workflows within the systems, get exposed as well.

Most healthcare workers today tend to work out of their own silos, this essentially makes the healthcare value chain highly fragmented while lacking an integral value chain. The idea is to come together in collaboration with an integrated approach towards care. Bringing together the entire community of healthcare into one unified platform is Nushift Connect, India’s fastest growing networking and engagement platform for doctors and other key stakeholders within the community of healthcare. Nushift Connect works towards aggregating the stakeholders within the medical fraternity by fostering better connections, communication, and collaboration. It is based on the principle of these three C’s, that Nushift Connect works towards the unification of the medical ecosystem. Let’s take a look at how Nushift Connect is unifying the medical ecosystem

  1. Building Connections-Nushift Connect helps doctors connect with doctors beyond their workplace, specialisation, and common geographic boundary. The app connects doctors from all over the world to come together in their discussion of healthcare needs, developments, advancements and its implementation. This not only widens their network but broadens their perspective as well, helping them to steer forward towards actionables having a common goal.
  2. Fosters Interpersonal communication-The app helps doctors to interact with doctors beyond their known circle. This communication encourages the exchange of new thoughts, opinions, ideas among doctors. Doctors get to interchangeably learn from each other's experiences, achievements, innovations,and interventions.
  3. Empowers Learning-Nushift Connect strongly believes in building an army of doctors who are not only academically sound, professionally proficient, but doctors who are learners and explorers as well. Online CME is therefore a very vital part of Nushift Connect’s knowledge building exercise. Doctors can conduct online workshops,seminars, and conferences through this engagement platform. Additionally they can also post journals, case studies, articles, presentations and papers on topics of greater shared interest. Nushift Connect strongly believes in the principle of education to empower, and empower to enable.
  4. Promotes Collaboration-The idea of collaboration in healthcare essentially stems from healthcare professionals assuming complementary roles and sharing responsibilities. Nushift Connect aims at providing this unified platform to doctors where a greater level of collaboration can be achieved among physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals and other team members to increase their awareness, upgrade their skills, facilitate joint-decision making by enabling better treatment outcomes.

Nushift Connect is re-imagining the way healthcare professionals network. It is giving them a platform to engage beyond boundaries, explore new opportunities, and enable greater possibilities. Come be a part of this unique ecosystem where doctors meet doctors, to learn, share, and grow with them in this journey of unifying the medical ecosystem.

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