How Professional networking apps are revolutionizing healthcare

How Professional networking apps are revolutionizing healthcare

how-professional-networking-apps-are-revolutionizing-healthcare 10 May. 2023

by : Nushift


The internet has a funny anecdote on networking quoted by someone smart and it goes as follows ‘’The opposite of networking is not working’’. However in perspective networking is ideally an enrichment program, not an entitlement program. In 2023,connectivity in healthcare is at an all time high, networking is the gateway to developing one’s career, rather than an active effort to ‘’sell yourself’’. A persistent concern regarding how professional networking apps are revolutionizing healthcare leads us to an undeniable truth that doctors are some of the busiest people on this planet, and most often patient care takes up so much of their time that they seldom tend to network outside their workplace. Now here is where: Professional networking apps for doctors and healthcare professionals helps them to optimize their personal and professional growth, fosters bond building and nurtures their knowledge.

Importance of Professional networking apps for doctors and healthcare professionals

When doctors find a peer group to interact with, they are more likely to be in the know of emerging healthcare trends. Being a part of an active network helps doctors to change their practices,add additional patients, get referrals from patients and expand their practice. Networking is a continuous effort, once you consider leaning into the space of networking, define your goals and branch out into different physician focused online social networks.

Doctors today need to supercharge their practice by being an active contributor on a digital practice management platform. It is interesting to see today how professional networking apps are revolutionizing healthcare by creating a future-ready digital care practice management system. A starter in the same space is Nushift Connect, one of India’s fastest growing practice management, peer networking and knowledge platforms for doctors. With Nushift Connect doctors can create a strong online presence for their practice by-

  • Setting up a powerful online address and profile on the platform.
  • Seamlessly deliver care to patients across the country
  • Connect with strong and influential peers from the industry.

The platform also helps doctors to build a great patient experience to ensure continued growth of a doctor's patient pool. With Nushift Connect doctors can provide-

  • Continuous care through chat and vitals tracking.
  • Automated notifications and reminders.
  • Improved patient treatment outcome by cross-referring cases to fellow doctors.

Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry and doctors today are faced with a host of complex questions like-How can I drive more patients to my chamber? Should I join a group practice? What is the best way to market my practice? Should I start networking with peers to grow better professionally? The answer to all of these questions rests in being a part of a network that helps build new connections, find better jobs, learn from other physicians, initiate a career transition and share ideas to foster professional development.Professional networking in healthcare is multi-faceted and so should one’s approach be to initiate it. The first step is to choose the right professional networking apps for doctors and healthcare professionals, networking sites like-Curofy,DailyRounds, Sermo, Nushift Connect and Doximity have radically dynamized the way doctors build peer connections, share referrals, co-care on cases, and digitally deliver a seamless patient care experience.

Doctor centric social networking sites offer greater connectivity,crowd sourcing of information and collaboration opportunities besides enabling doctors to-

  • Discuss real-life medical scenarios
  • Track and be updated with the latest news and happenings in the industry.
  • Share community approved treatment guidelines
  • Get free access to articles, journals, newsletters, conferences and webinars.
  • Provide professional consultancy on matters related to finance, healthcare jobs, and gaining access to critical medical equipment.
  • Store Electronic health records of patients.

Professional networking for doctors might seem challenging to start with. However in the long run the advent of smart apps and dynamic platforms has made it a cakewalk for healthcare practitioners to build their reputation online by being a powerful contributor in the medical community. Thus helping doctors to network better, market themselves better and create a niche out of their individual uniqueness.

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