Is the future of the healthcare industry driven by networking apps

Is the future of the healthcare industry driven by networking apps?

is-the-future-of-the-healthcare-industry-driven-by-networking-app 19 April. 2023

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The role of Digitization has played a pivotal role in making the internet act as a rolling ball both in the workspace and personal everyday space. With social network penetration estimated to hit 67% of India’s population by 2025, the question arises: Is the future of the healthcare industry driven by networking apps?

The rampant use and importance of social media in our daily lives cannot be ruled out. Not a day goes by when millions of people don’t flock to various social networking sites like Facebook, instagram,LinkedIn, Tiktok, or twitter for either personal entertainment or professional commitment. While doctors by large can make the use of several social media platforms as a marketing tool for their practice, being a part of a focused network can add more velocity to their practice.

Amidst growing patient needs, adapting to complex technological changes and physician shortages, the healthcare industry today stands largely fragmented. The question of how and where to unify the medical community is embedded in another question: Is the future of the healthcare industry driven by networking apps? Networking apps don’t just bring people closer by aggregating them under an institutionalized group it helps them access

  • The latest medical news
  • Serves as a reliable source for referencing from new research and peer reviewed articles.
  • Fosters medical collaboration among doctors
  • Grows referral base organically
  • Facilitates real-time knowledge sharing through clinical images.
  • Attend online CMEs

Networking apps are the fodder for physician communication, connection building and collaboration. The healthcare industry today is ready for a massive disruption. According to a study suggested by Hitwise, nearly two-thirds of health-related searches take place on a mobile device. Close to 76% of physicians utilize their mobile devices in the place of their practice and 88% use the web and social media for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device referencing.

How is the future of the healthcare industry driven by networking apps? The healthcare industry is in a constant state of change, while some doctors are already superstars on social media thanks to the chat shows they host, podcasts they attend, or commentaries they share. A large number of doctors nonetheless still struggle to tap into the true potential that social media holds in blowing up their practice. As per the survey of Allied Health World about 24% of doctors use social media at least once a day to post something or seek information. The use of social media by physicians and medical practitioners is still at a very infant stage.Doctors need to create a distinct presence for themselves today to carve a bigger niche for their practice tomorrow. So here’s how networking apps can make its place into the future-

  • ‘You’ will become the brand-Building an informative profile online with all the details carefully filled out is the stepping stone towards setting up your online presence. Doctors who can profile themselves well on networking apps, tend to garner more credibility, followers, and trust.
  • Sharing to be Seen- Visuals create a greater recall value as compared to just text.Thanks to the option of visual sharing, people can now visually resonate better. The use of original, free-stock and non-copyrighted photographs holds great potential towards making your content more readable, relatable and shareable.
  • Provide Value to be Valued-In order to create an impact it is vital to share content with your friends, followers and contemporaries.Content that is educational and actionable. A doctor’s contribution in a closed group networking app is to share their expertise and to execute the same.Being a part of Twitter chats,LinkedIn groups,and other online discussion forums can be a great way for doctors to spread knowledge and awareness among physicians, patients and the larger medical fraternity.
  • Follow your Fellows- The future of the healthcare industry greatly depends upon Interprofessional collaboration. The future will see doctors breaking down and stepping out of the silos of various disciplines. The question Is the future of the healthcare industry driven by networking apps will soon find an answer in the way doctors come together to collaboratively care. Lesser communication gaps and a more comprehensive patient centred care will drive the wheel of medical networking further.

Is the future of the healthcare industry driven by networking apps will soon no longer be a question but a statement:The future of the healthcare industry will now be driven by networking apps. Interprofessional collaboration stems from interprofessional education, and building connections forwards collaboration. Remember your real worth rests in being the farmer and not the hunter.

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