The lockdown’s easing. Be on your guard.

The-lockdown’s-easing-Be-on-your-guard 1 July. 2020

by : Nushift

A friend recently enquired about my plans to post the COVID19-induced lock down and that made me really sit up. As a medical practitioner, I know, there is no such thing as a Post COVID19 world. The virus is here to stay and we, the resilient lot that we are, will learn to live with it. It will take some time, for us to mend our ways, change our habits, focus on our health and that of our surroundings, be cautious – remember not overcautious – and we will be just fine.

However, as the lock down eases, remember to use common sense and treat this virus as you would any other to keep yourself safe. Remember to take precautions, wear a mask in crowded areas, focus on hand and surface hygiene, and, for vulnerable populations – limit your time in the community. People may initially be asked to wear face masks while in the community to reduce their risk of asymptomatic spread. Those who are sick will be asked to stay home and seek testing for COVID-19. Testing will (should) become more widespread and routine.

Physical distancing, something that is new to all of us, would play an important role in ensuring that we do not have another pandemic. Public hygiene would have to be improved, and deep cleaning of shared spaces should become more routine.

An oft ignored topic is of mental health. This is something that we all choose to ignore but we all do it on our own peril. So, focus on yourself and remember that it is okay to feel fear, sadness, frustration, confusion, loneliness, or guilt. Stay connected because Physical distancing is what is required and not isolating yourself.

Exercise, remain healthy, eat well (aka eat healthy), boost your immunity…blah blah blah – however, this is important as only a healthy you can successfully fight off any virus.

And what is the most important thing to do?

Avoid an information overload. Have you noticed how many forwards, messages, sms, emails, webinars, snippets, and articles have been circulated. Remember to filter, and, avoid unfiltered information. Remember, if ever there is a cure or a vaccine – you will know.

Finally, please have enough common sense. Remember to take precautions, worry less, live more.

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