We are responsible for our own health!

We-are-responsible-for-our-own-health 1 July. 2020

by : Nushift

What sage advice could not achieve was achieved by COVID9. It is a “wake-up” call, to us all, on how questionable our health is and that it is time to take it seriously. COVID19 has exposed how vulnerable our healthcare system is and that it is always prudent to be safer than sorry.

What we are doing now and the steps we are taking– social distancing, lock down etc. etc. are short-term measures used to contain the situation - they are not feasible long-term solutions. There is a clamour for a vaccine but that could be months and years away. So, what till then?

Till then and we daresay, forever, we must become responsible for our own health. And, that just does not mean more medicines, it means a shift in our mindset and in our habits.

We agree that the world, including us, is facing a grave problem.

This is step 1. The virus is real, it has taken a toll and it will continue to do so. It caught countries, governments, and the healthcare community off-guard, napping and completely unprepared leading to panic and the implementation of drastic measures.

Let us ensure that this never happens again and what better way than to change the way we look at health, hygiene, and cleanliness. Remember, it is the little things – washing hands, keeping your surroundings clean, not spitting in public, using a tissue if you have a cold, using disinfectants – which will keep you safe not only from the virus but in general.


Eating healthy is half the battle won. Greens, cereals, fruits, and vegetables – they go a long way in building the body’s immunity, which is a natural protection against viruses, bacteria etc. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins which, if left inside, can weaken your system, and make you prone to virulent attacks.


Our efforts will all come to naught if we do not care about our surroundings and demonstrate basic civic sense. Spitting, blowing your nose, coughing…are all out. These will not be tolerated by anyone…anymore.


More than anything else, it is our attitude that will decide the outcome. Being cautious and vigilant will do the trick. Any complacence will undo whatever precautions we take. Be responsible for your own health…and if possible…be vocal about cleanliness, about people who are flouting rules and putting everyone at risk.

Finally, …

Take care. Be safe. Be healthy. Have an active life – exercise, eat well, be sociable and remember to be cautious.

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