What makes online networking more divergent than offline networking

What makes online networking more divergent than offline networking among healthcare professionals

what-makes-online-more-divergent-than-offline-networking 16 May. 2023

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‘’The richest people in the world look for and build contacts, everyone else looks for work’’-Robert Kiyosaki. In the world of business, networking is the No.1 unwritten rule of success. In 2023, being a good physician alone is not enough, rather being a well-connected, approachable and recognised physician is what makes the difference. The answer to what makes online networking more divergent than offline networking among healthcare professionals, is nested in first acknowledging that networking is an investment for your practice, if done correctly it can yield great results for the years to come. Networking for healthcare professionals is more of a skill that needs to be acquired, learned, developed and perfected over time.

Professional networking is a valuable tool in today’s world, the advent of the pandemic has made online networking gather greater momentum over offline networking. Online networking can be defined as the practice of expanding one’s network through online channels like social media, whereas offline networking focuses on in-person interactions and is highly effort intensive. The common channels for online networking are-

  • Attending online events like taking part in a webinar
  • Social networking platforms-One must use them wisely and actively
  • Being a part of an online community like Networking apps

On the other hand the Common channels for offline networking includes-

  • Alumni Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Local Meetups

How can Online Networking for Healthcare Professionals be beneficial over Offline Networking?

Whether we call it people’s skill, bedside manner, or having great charisma, maintaining good professional relationships can help doctors in their career growth. Doctors today are resorting to networking opportunities for finding jobs, as per a recent study it was found that nearly 40% of residents and new physicians found their new jobs through referrals and networking. The Golden rule for networking online is to Use and Explore social media to the best of one’s advantage. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook all of these apps help doctors stay digitally connected to new acquaintances, use networking apps to create a compelling profile with a professional headshot and skillset listed. Use these networking platforms to showcase your skills, education and expertise.

Whether you are a digital native or someone who is a networking novice, networking for healthcare professionals through online channels relies heavily upon the use of digital tools. However as compared to offline traditional modes of networking, digital tools are more low-cost, time-efficient and help reach out to the target audience more conveniently. The swipe right culture is no longer limited to dating apps, networking apps like Nushift Connect, Sermo, DailyRounds, Doximity helps you to connect with the right people, communicate and initiate meaningful conversations and collaborate to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

To answer very objectively what makes online networking more divergent than offline networking among healthcare professionals here is a comparative analysis-

  • Offline networking is limited to a specified date, time and location whereas in the case of online networking one can connect with fellow physicians on the go anytime from anywhere across the globe and specialisations.
  • Offline networking events are usually restricted to one specific industry, however through online networking cross-industry connections can be built simply and conveniently.
  • While some people might prefer the physical proximity in offline networking events, others can tend to feel a little anxious, inconvenient and overwhelming.
  • Offline networking does not facilitate the sharing of patient records and reports in real-time, online networking not only facilitates it but provides a secure way to store EHR on the cloud.
  • Online networking makes it easier for physicians to follow and refer to the works of several fellow physicians through online CMEs using one-single application. With offline events it can get a bit physically daunting to be present in person at different locations to attend different seminars.

Being on the right track of networking clearly defines the line between simply following your career path V/S excelling in it. When you network digitally remember the following-

  • Identify a good strategy and then work upon developing it.
  • Introduce yourself properly.
  • Network online as though you are networking offline.
  • Be confident
  • Choose the right people to connect with and try to understand what value they can bring to you.

Remember,Connected people are most often the most successful people.

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